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And the water stopped

What a convoluted and densely packed 24 hours.

Last week had the best experience on the tail end of some stressful experiences. One of the showers broke and house water had to be turned off last night and half of today. Restricted water use – pails near toilets and bowls of water and scoops near sinks. It’s been interesting making do with limited water.

It’s made me think differently about the water we have and use – and so very thankful for running water. Very, very thankful.

And thankful that I don’t have to pay half the cost of repair as the owner wanted me to. The plumber, Vince, verified that the original parts were construction grade and made out of plastic – it wasn’t the herculean power of my son’s grip that broke it.

As Vince was walking out the door, he told me how much he’d loved my singing as he was working. I had been practicing for a short while. He asked if I had a CD – that he wanted to buy it. I told him that I only have one CD with a single song on it and that I’m giving it away for whatever people want to give – that the music wants to be out there. He refused to take it for free, insisting that he pay for it. When I looked at what he threw in, it was a $20. I double-checked with him to make sure that’s what he meant to do and he told me that he loved my music and singing and, yes, he wanted to throw that $20 in; he wanted to support the music.

What a convoluted and densely packed 24 hours.

And what I didn’t say about all this, is that there are some days – like yesterday and today, that I’m not sure I should be singing and performing. I get drained and doubt my abilities, the strength of the songs, that what I hear in the songs is actually there. Just chock full of self-doubt. Vince, the plumber, gave me a lot more than $20 and I’m very, very thankful for him.

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