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Destiny Journey into Awakening

In the end all we have is the raw soul experience


I became acquainted with Adriana Hill through the magic seven-degrees of separation of Facebook. She is a grounded and inspiring woman and I always take the time to read her entries.

We do not claim to know exactly how the inner workings of the soul work, nor what the formula for Awakening is. There is neither a scientific, an artistic, nor a spiritual approach that can manufacture such things. And if you meet someone who makes any such a claim, run the other way.

In the end all we have is the raw soul experience, the sheer passion pulling us out of ourselves into the service of one another, the kind that expects nothing in return..This is what allows us to be one with one another and with the Universe.

You can know this while standing in your kitchen alone, you can know this holding the hand of a a dying loved one, but more frequently, it is there while you are in a traffic jam, or in the company of a reticent relative that everyone else avoids. Engage!

For they are all our teachers. Let your kitchen be your private cathedral. The chance for soul to soul connection is always there even in tense traffic or when talking with that annoying neighbor. This Presence overrides all such outside circumstances. We cannot implement with tools, we just Surrender to it and Allow. All I can tell you is that I have witnessed miracles happen when I did..We love not Because but Despite. We do not need evidence of merit. Everything and Every One came from this perfect love that I call Big Love. Return with me there…

Adriana Hill, My Destiny Journey

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