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Hanging on a Star

We took a rocket to the sun


This last spring, when entering the dating scene again, I got to experience the joy and exhilaration of new love. It’s wonderful, confusing, painful and addictive. Foolish love, when will you learn?

Hanging on a Star
written by Wendy Hunt

Verse 1:
We took a rocket to the sun.
It was too fast but it was fun.
I didn’t count the cost
or think of those I left behind.
I was fearless; flying high;
the throttle open wide.

You and me
I can’t see …
I can’t sleep …
Just keep me hanging
On a star
We’ll travel far

Verse 2:
In space we floated weightlessly
No need for shoes or gravity
We lived on stardust
Drank from comets that were passing by.
The music of the universe,
a smile, a lover’s sigh.

Verse 3:
The light of dawn shines on my face;
I’m pulled back into it’s embrace.
I wake to find I’m floating down
through stars and turqoise skies.
I hope to land on clouds
but know I’ll have to improvise.

Verse 4:
The weight of landing bears me down.
I pick myself up off the ground.
I look up, see how far I fell;
amazed I’m livin’.
I wonder when I’ll get a chance
to do it all again.

© 2010, Wendy Hunt

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