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Humble Pants

You gotta walk carefully in humble pants.

In Abu Dhabi, at the Environmental Agency, there was a long hallway to travel when one wished to get from the Atlas War Room¬† to Atlas East (mapping and GIS), the subcontractor’s administrative office, the bathroom, or, even more importantly, to fetch tea when the tea boys were ignoring us. This hallway was very strange and crooked.

I’m typically light on my feet and rather agile, but a pair of cuffed pants defeated me on the steps located near the hub. I was striding back to the Atlas War Room and literally tripped down the steps. I picked myself up off the floor, embarrassed and bruised and just had to laugh. Isn’t it great when a pair of pants can remind you that you’re not “all that” and that life isn’t that serious anyway?

My lovely humble pants. I would show you a photo of them but they’re packed for the move and I can’t locate them. They look kinda like this photo to the right – but in black.

I loved my humble pants but I learned to walk carefully in them.

Not my pants but like them.

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