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I’ll Fly Away With You


We had a great day at the Redlands Sustainability Festival this last weekend! Lot’s of community support and the music was really fun: Third Stream Crossing, me, Rullion and Roche & Friends.

Got seven tons to move this week
And seven in the hole
Seven more before I’m done
And I can — fly away with you

Chorus (2x)
I’ll fly away — I’ll fly a–way,
Yes, I’ll — fly away with you.

Verse 2
Gotta — climb this hill to reach the sun, — only a
Few more steps to go.
I’ll just — run this race but when I’m done,
I’ll fly away with you.

Verse 3
Monday’s saddled with the Tuesday blues
Wednesday’s in the cold.
Thursday child ain’t wearin’ shoes — Friday,
I’ll fly away with you.

Verse 4
Nightbird calls and though I sigh
Can’t stop before I’m through
I’ll dig this grave before I die,
And I can — fly away with you.

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