Dare to live intentionally, creatively, and authentically

Joy, Healing, Love, Grace, Peace

Be joyful always Pray at all times Be thankful in all circumstances


Be joyful always
Pray at all times
Be thankful in all circumstances

Seek joy.
Joy is healing; healing is joy.
Joy is love; love is joy.
Seek healing: joy and love.

Joy opens your heart and mind to the divine. Joy connects you to the divine, to yourself, and to others. Stay joyful, stay open and heal the separation between you and the people around you. Let joy – let the divine: joy, love, and healing – shine through you to bring people together.

Find gratitude in your heart and mind for the opportunities that you have every minute of every day to gladden yourself; to heal yourself. Remember that to heal is simple – be joyful and you are healed.

Remember three things:

1. Agape (divine love): unconditional love for everyone. More simple than you know. Love yourself, forgive yourself and everything else falls into place.

2. Grace: all that is beautiful in your life – thoughts, acts, and creations of all kinds – are are held in the hands of the divine. The rest has been discarded in God’s wastebasket. If you’re holding onto negative things then you’re holding onto the ghosts of those things. The divine has already let them go and doesn’t see them.

3. Peace: peace which passes understanding stands like a deep, still pool of water in the deepest, truest part of you. Swim here.

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