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Everything about you calls out to the beast in me.


Happy Halloween!!!! I was inspired to create a Halloween offering for you, my sweets. Full of monsters and things that laugh in the night… enjoy. The recording is no longer up but here are the lyrics.


Words and Music by Wendy Hunt

Verse 1:
Monday saw me crying in the window.
Looking through the curtain at you standin’ on the street.

Tuesday I was howling at the full moon
You laughed at my furry face and called me a freak.

Wednesday I was getting kinda angry.
Sharpened horns and a leather whip. There was  sulfur on the breeze.

Thursday my shadow chased you to the boneyard
I’ve got some neighbors that I’m hoping you’ll meet.

Everything about you calls out to the beast in me.
It’s lookin’ through my eyes, just waitin’ to break free.
You chase away the best in me.
You bringing out the … mon-ster in me.

Verse 2:
Friday saw me feeling awful lonely
Only got earthworms and carrion crows keepin’ me company.

so on Saturday … I threw you party
Pickled toads and boiled bats I made just for you, my sweet.

Sunday … I took the day off
I’m hoping that you rested too, in your bed of soil … six feet deep.

© 2010 Wendy Hunt

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