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One Open Mic


I attended the open mic at the Redlands Fox Event Center last night. Very enjoyable second effort for me. The first was a fiasco with bright lights in my eyes, too much distance between me and everyone else, a stressed out memory and a hot monitor that captured the all the sounds of the spit in my mouth. I almost died. Seriously. Anyway, this was a really good getting back on the horse.

I wrote Safe Harbor for a friend who was going through a very difficult time. I couldn’t really help them and that hurt me. We all have to move through these things in peace – with ourselves and by ourselves. No one else can do this for us, they can only help illuminate parts of the path.

Family of Man is a song about people we all know, see, hear about, are. Know yourself, love yourself, is of course, the most important first step. But what is our definition of family? That’s the also an important question and will determine how we treat each other. Find the beauty in each person and celebrate it.

My beautiful daughter was gracious enough to film this for me but I will have to show you another day.

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