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Inside the letter were three small letters to herself.

Gonna sit right down and write myself a letter … but, according to my daughter, it shouldn’t have a rock in it; not even my favorite rock. She recently sent herself a wonderful letter and enclosed was her favorite rock. When it arrived it had an envelope paper-clipped onto it with a note that 68 cents were due to the U.S. Postal Service. It bummed her out a bit at first but then she just shrugged and said, “Send yourself a letter but don’t include a rock in it.”

Inside the letter were three small letters to herself. One self-made envelope contained small origami made out of colorful post-its and gum wrappers. Another told her how cute she was – “Cuter than the sun” and told her how much she loved her. And the third was a private letter to herself with personal thoughts.

I am so inspired by my daughter. I want to send myself loving, supportive letters, small drawings and origami. I want to call myself beautiful and tell myself secrets. And I want to remember not to send myself rocks. Not even my favorite rocks.

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