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Seeing and Knowing


We all have those days on occasion where the happy yellow flower of yesterday, today reminds us of sad things … and our hearts are dragging on the ground behind us.

So, we’re not really seeing the yellow flower, right? We apply a meaning to the flower; like a fortune teller with her Tarot cards, looking and searching for the pattern and story in the imagery of cardboard pictures. If we truly saw the yellow flower, we might observe the number of petals, we might see it rotate, slowly and gently through the course of the day, as it follows the sun; we might experience the simple joy of being.

We’ve also all experienced the much more complex interaction that is a human relationship. Whether a close family member, a co-worker, an acquaintance or someone we pass on the sidewalk – we watch the expressions, voices, body language, clothes, hair, etcetera and we apply a meaning to it all. They liked us, didn’t like us, acted rude, acted kind, made us feel good, bad, disappointed, or blessed. Now, take a step back and just look at that person; examine them, see them – really see them, and try to understand them without applying interpretation. Who are they? Why do they look happy, sad, concerned? Are they confident or shy? Do they catch your eye or avoid it? What is their story?

This is the difference between knowing a person through a filter or lens of our own making, and truly Knowing them.

Is one of these the right way to see a thing or the wrong way? I don’t think that there is a wrong way but I do believe it’s important for us to know when we’re wearing colored lenses; to make a conscious decision to wear them… or not to wear them.

When we apply meaning to what’s going on around us throughout the day, never forget that we choose … WE choose … the interpretation. And sometimes, it’s important to leave that interpretation behind us and to just See.

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