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Speed of the Soul

What is the speed of the soul?

At what speed does the soul speak?
The speed that trees breathe?
The speed in which trees speak?

I feel like a child
watching things crawl
and fascinated by the miniature

I’ve become a child again
squatting down to look at little life
as though it is my whole world.

And what I look at
is what I see.
Where I direct my eyes
is what I look at.
Where are my thoughts dwell
is where I direct my eyes.

My thoughts dwell
where I direct them.
Unless I have chosen to leave that up to chance,
and the wind and clouds ,
and the weather and my moods, 
and my bodys chemistry.

I see what I choose to see.

The leaves fall
and I will fall.
Plants grow
and I will grow.
New nests are built
and things are born.

I’m not always careful with my thoughts,
they lead me down twisty paths;
scenting trails and exploring every avenue.

I am always capable of grabbing hold of the leash;
sometimes I like to pretend that I don’t have that ability.

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