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The Hounds, Act 1

There are thoughts and fears that are so close to me, my constant companions of so many years that I am loathe to chase them away. Why do I want to hold on to them?

Day One
Last night the hounds were baying at my heels.
Old companions who have followed me faithfully,
have slept at my feet and kept me warm.
They have pursued me long enough.
I sent them away but still hear their howls.

Day Two
A hound got in last night
I don’t know it’s name
but it knocked the light over
and broke the water pitcher
and nuzzled up to my chest
where I embraced it.

Day Three
The hounds always were capricious
but it’s not fun anymore
they’re giving me sullen looks,
slinking around corners,
chewing up my shoes in secret.

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