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The Hounds, Act 2

the hounds broke through my window

The hounds came back to visit this last week…

Day Four
On Wednesday, last, the hounds broke through my window.
I woke to find one standing on my abdomen;
and a second one was raging down the hallways and ended up in the attic,
causing confusion and distress through the house.
I had to play sweet music to put them to sleep, then carried them out.

Day Five
Today was going well until the hounds caught scent of cat;
any good behavior they had mustered, just ran away.
I’ll never figure out why the cat tempts them the way she does,
swishing her tail and walking slowly along the porch rail.
Doesn’t she know that provokes their bad behavior?

You can read more of their escapades [intlink id=”79″ type=”post”]here[/intlink].

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