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From Facebook. A friend of mine is the creative director and one of the founding members of the Shakespeare Festival in the local town of Redlands, CA.

Steven Sabel
Steven Sabel

Steven Thomas Sabel:
Sometimes my passion overwhelms me. Sometimes it overwhelms others who do not understand passion. Other people only secretly dream of doing what I do. Others would never dream of trying. I am one of the people endowed with the courage to go to magical places of the mind and emotion – taking others along for the ride.

Sometimes that passion gets in the way. I am excessive. I am emotive. I am expressive. I am bold. I do not fit into all worlds, so I create my own worlds, and invite others to journey with me. The road is steep. The path can be treacherous. The mountain is hard to climb. Few have the courage to jump off.

Who am I? I am a theatre artist. I laugh. I cry. I love. I rage. I shout. I feel. I give. I take. I emote. Who are you? What do you do? Does it define who you are? It should.


SP Hendrick
SP Hendrick

S.P. Hendrick:


I am a writer. Words are my passion, though we approach them from opposite sides of the coin. They flow from my fingers onto the page, Muse-driven, and I lose myself in tthe minds of those who are coming alive upon the page upon which those words fall. I do not so much write as take dictation fro the characters. They tell me who they are, what they are thinking, and what they are doing. They lead me on a merry chase, and though I at time argue with them, I am almost always told to shut up and write down eactly what they say; all will be made clear later.

Passion is the driving force of life. Without it all is but a pale shadow, unworthy to be called life. Passion is the reason and the rhyme, for without it the paper is blank. It is the quickening force which stands between the to be and the not to be, as strong a force of nature as any the scientists could theorise.

Passion is the the language of the soul, and without it mankind is soulless.

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