Dare to live intentionally, creatively, and authentically

Anoint and thoughts on sacred self

Bathe myself in the still pool of Presence

I had a dream – not a dream for mankind, but one for me. All are blessed when I bless myself.


Arise in the morning and find delight in the earth.
Rich and moist, the soil scents the early morning air with potential,
the perfume of creation, heavy with dew and laden with life,
I yearn to plant myself, a fertile tree rooted in eternity.

I bathe myself in the still pool of Presence,
cleansing body from the exercise of the mind.
Streams, birthed in mountain chasms, wash through deep valleys
removing debris and palisades, clearing the way for wonders.

I anoint myself with the oils of abundance
in preparation for worship at the altar of my soul
I pass over breast, belly, groin, thigh, calf and foot
a reverent journey, traveled with thought and purpose.

Draped with rose-hued petals and corded with vine and leaf,
I celebrate the passing of night and welcome new light.
I love, I am loved, I greet my lover,

© 2010 Wendy Hunt

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