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What Are We? New Experiments Suggest We’re Not Purely Physical

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Here’s an article by Robert Lanza that I am in deep agreement with. Which came first, reality or thought? We’re taught from a very young age to observe our world and, in that way, to know it. But what if thought comes first and reality follows? What if thought weaves the fabric of reality – not just our perception of reality, the intangible… but also the tangible?

The world was once wondrous. As a boy I remember mounting the stairs that led to the legendary Harvard Medical School. The huge granite slabs were worn by past generations of scientists. Here, I fancied, the greatest minds on the planet busied themselves around electron microscopes and ultra-centrifuges, working in their laboratories on secret experiments. But I’m older now, and my colleagues tell me we’re just the activity of carbon and some proteins; we live awhile and die. And the universe? It too has no meaning. They have it all worked out in the equations — no need for woo.

But a series of new experiments suggest this may be all wrong, and that part of us exists outside of the physical world. The implications of these experiments have been downplayed because, until recently, quantum behavior was limited to the microscopic world. However, this ‘two-world’ view (that is, one set of physical laws for small objects, and another set of laws for the rest of the universe, including us) has no basis in reason, and more importantly, is being challenged in labs around the world.  Read more…

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